What’s ahead of you?

  • You will see with your own eyes the miracle of the world – Pamukkale castle and you will have the opportunity to swim in the Cleopatra thermal pool. You will experience firsthand what life was like in the ancient city of Hierapolis and in the city of the dead necropolis.
  • The best time spent on vacation is a trip to Pamukkale!

A trip to Pamukkale is one of the most popular in turkey. As the Turkish proverb says, “everyone who was not in Pamukkale did not seem to know turkey.”

Cleopatra herself came to Pamukkale to bathe in its healing waters.

The hot springs of thermal water form white limestone cascades with thermal pools on the slopes of Pamukkale. You can feel the healing properties of the water both when walking on limestone cascades and when swimming in the ancient Cleopatras pool. Pamukkale waters treat skin diseases, heart disease, obesity, asthma, or rheumatism. Drinking water from Pamukkale even helps to treat stomach ulcers.

Pamukkale served in ancient times as a spa in Hierapolis. Remains that have been preserved can still be admired to this day in the form of an ancient theater, the temple of Apollo, the Roman baths, the aqueduct system, the city gate, or the largest preserved ancient necropolis in Asia, where you can see over 1000 carved sarcophagi.

A full day trip by bus, including full board, is designed for all ages. Pamukkale is a place that will undoubtedly enchant you with its beautiful specific scenery and ancient history.

Booking an appointment is possible on:

  • Thursday, Sunday

Trip length:

  • 03:00 – 21:00

Price list:

  • Adult 85 €
  • Child (7-12 years) 55 €
  • Children (up to 6 years) 0 €

Tour schedule:

  • Departure from Alanya early in the morning between about 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Due to temperature reasons, this early departure for the trip is better. On the way, we will stop for breakfast with a hot drink (included in the price of the trip) in a typical mountain cottage. We continue towards the town of Denizli. We will arrive in Pamukkale. Upon arrival at the parking lot, we go to the open-air museum (Pamukkale, Hierapolis, Cleopatra, necropolis).
  • We will walk along the limestone terraces and get to know the roman baths as well as the ancient healing Cleopatra pool, which is located and is the center of the Hierapolis-Pamukkale open-air museum. You will be able to use the toilets, bar, and comfortable seating. After a rest, we go to the ancient giant roman theater, the temple of apollo, and descend to the underworld where hades ruled.
  • You will be taken to lunch. You will be able to taste a variety of kebabs, soups, hot and cold appetizers, salads, and sweet Turkish desserts.
  • The distance from Alanya to Pamukkale in one direction is about 380 km (about 5 hours drive + 1 hour for 2 breaks on the route).
  • ın the price of the trip, we provide you with breakfast including a hot drink + lunch (buffet with kebabs) + dinner.
  • Way back to the hotel

Included in the price:

  • Air-conditioned transport from the hotel
  • Tickets to Pamukkale, Hierapolis, and necropolis
  • Breakfast with a hot drink
  • Lunch (buffet with kebabs)
  • Air-conditioned transport
  • Extra one-day health insurance / own clinic /
  • Air-conditioned transport back to the hotel
  • Dinner

Not included in the price:

  • Extra drinks, souvenirs

What to take with you?

  • Passports including children’s (copy), swimsuit, towel, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, headgear, sunscreen, cash, camera + camcorder.
  • We also recommend that you take the breakfast package from the hotel reception/kitchen (report to the reception the day before).
  • In the months of April-May and September-November, we recommend a light jacket for the mountains.


Children must have a passport (copy of passport) to claim the discount. A sufficient number of toilet stops are planned during the trip. After arriving at the Pamukkale-Hierapolis car park, we leave the bus and take bathing equipment and cameras with us, etc. The roads in Hierapolis are uneven and the access to the theater is quite steep, so we recommend sturdy shoes or sandals with a firm sole. A walk on the limestone terraces is only allowed barefoot to avoid damaging the surface. You will be able to store your shoes in your shoeboxes before entering the limestone rocks or store them in your bags and take them with you. All safety precautions must be observed. The surface on the terraces is very slippery in places, especially where water is constantly flowing. In your free time, you can use a local car or bus to take you to the ancient necropolis for a fee. The Cleopatra pool area has public toilets, showers, and safety deposit boxes. The tour is arranged by a guide.

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Reviews From Our Guest

customer-reviews (1)

I recommend the Holiday in Turkey travel agency. We enjoyed the trip to Side, visiting mosque, ancient city, boat trip on the Manavgat River. We are especially pleased with the service of Mrs. Lenka, who has a lot of great knowledge about Turkey and is able to convey it in a nice and relaxed way. We highly recommend tours by this travel agency.

Eva Kalinová

We booked few trips (Cappadocia, Tazi canyon, rafting, sapadere canyon). All were perfectly organized and we saw many interesting places. Tour guides were adjusting trips a bit to our needs (Cappadocia viewpoint). I highly recommend this tour operator! Thank You So Much !! ( Huseyin & Lenka )

Jiří Máčal
customer-reviews (4)

Great organization, timing and the whole trip was fascinating! We spent the night in Cappadocia in an awesome hotel with a beautiful neighborhood. The guide (Lenka) is passionate about Turkey and that's why all of us listening to her with pleasure. I highly recommend Holiday in Turkey.

Lenka Navrátilová

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