How about traveling to the country or city of your choice in a short time with a private jet charter? Enjoy convenient and comfortable transportation no less than a private charter flight! Moreover, you can reach the place you want to go in a shorter time compared to transportation vehicles such as airplanes. In this article, you will clearly understand private jet prices, advantages and more details about jet charter. We have highlighted all the information and details you need for private jet charter in our article. Although the concept of time varies from person to person, it is undoubtedly one of the most valuable situations. There is no turning back a second. So why spend your precious time on the road? Save your precious time by renting a model airplane privately and arriving at your destination in a very short time.



1. A flexible flight schedule tailored to you
One of the leading reasons to charter a private jet is the freedom to plan your flight as you wish. If an urgent problem arises hours before your flight, simply contact our flight planning team so they can reschedule your flight. For commercial flights, you must be at the airport hours before your departure time. If something happens on your way to the airport, you will miss your flight. But you don’t have to worry about missing your flight while chartering a private jet. While it’s prudent to arrive 10-15 minutes early, getting to the airport a few minutes late isn’t difficult at all. As Idajet, we are aware of the fact that time is a luxury, and all of our employees show the necessary sensitivity for you, from the moment your request reaches us to the point you want to go.

2. Comfort and luxury
Say goodbye to uncomfortable and insufficient legroom on commercial flights. Private jets offer plenty of space and comfort during your journey. When you charter a private jet, the entire plane is yours alone.
The opportunities offered by private jet charter will allow you to live in the lap of luxury. Everything from Wi-Fi access and swivel seats to entertainment systems and beverage centers is found on most private jets. Your vacation begins on the flight, not when you finally arrive at your destination.
Private jets also offer convenience for your important business meetings during your travel. Some jets have conference tables for holding meetings and entertainment systems for presentations.

3. Personalized catering for you
When flying in a private jet, we have a wide variety of delicious food options to offer. Unlike commercial flights where there are many restrictions and limited food types, you can bring your own food on private flights or if you inform us of your catering request before the flight, our cabin crew will serve you during the flight.

4. No need to panic about excess baggage
One of the convincing reasons for chartering a private jet is that heavy luggage such as bulky bags, sports equipment and pushchairs, which are not allowed on commercial flights, can be accepted depending on the cabin and load capacity of the aircraft that will fly. When flying by private jet, you don’t have to worry about the amount of luggage you bring into the cabin.

5. You can fly to any airport you want
When you charter a private jet for your trip, you have more options than a commercial flight. Private jets can also fly to smaller airports as opposed to commercial passenger planes. The advantage this gives you is that you can access much more locations. If you’re looking to take a vacation, a private jet can take you further to remote destinations or to more popular travel destinations. You no longer need to plan your vacation exactly where a commercial flight can take you. With Idajet, you choose where you want to go.


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