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About Alanya

When visiting Turkey, you should not forget to visit the historic city of ALANYA – the pearl of the Turkish Riviera.

History of Alanya

When Alanya is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the Seljuks. Of course, Alanya Castle and Kızılkule, where you can see the whole of Alanya from a bird’s eye view, are the biggest factors, but there are also many inns – caravanserais in the vicinity. But Alanya has a much more deep-rooted history.

According to the researches, Alanya’s history goes back to 20 thousand years ago. It remains within the borders of the Pamphylia Region in ancient times. The oldest known name of Alanya, which has been under the domination of civilizations that we can say for almost all Anatolia, is Coracesium.

Persia, Alexander the Great, Seleukos after entering the domination BC. It was annexed to the Roman Empire by Magnus Pompeus in 65 BC. Together with Byzantium (Eastern Rome), the name of the city becomes Kalonoros. Alanya, when there was no strong dominance and piracy activities were active, will begin to live together with the Seljuk Period.

The name of the city, which was taken by Alaaddin Keykubat in 1221, was changed to Alaiye. The castle is fortified and the Red Tower, which is the symbol of Alanya, and the shipyard are built. It became the winter capital of the Anatolian Seljuks and at the same time became the center of the Mediterranean navy.

Alaiye, which was under the rule of Karamanoğulları and Mamluks until it was taken by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1471, took the name Alanya after the visit of Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK in 1931.

You should not return without visiting Pamphylia cities, canyons, waterfalls and caves in Alanya, which is at the forefront with its Seljuk period artifacts.

Of course, it would be a great deficiency not to taste a banana in its fresh and drug-free form when you have been to Alanya. Especially when you go to Gazipaşa in Alanya, you will see that you are surrounded by banana gardens after a while.

Here we have prepared for you the 14 most beautiful places in Alanya, which are characterized by natural beauty, historical monuments, beaches, museums and caves.

1. Alanya Castle

This magnificent architectural gem with 83 towers was built by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat (he ruled from 1220 to 1237). Inside the castle there is a mosque and a large number of sarcophagi. Today, the castle serves as a museum and is open to visitors throughout the year. You can visit Alanya Castle with tours from below

2. Damlataş Cave

Damlatas Cave occupies the first place in the list of historical phenomena in terms of attendance. Allegedly a healing cave, it was discovered in 1948 and has very good, up to healing effects for people suffering from asthma. It was actually discovered in 1948 during a mining blast in the local surface quarry, and the stone thus obtained was to be used for the construction of a port. However, a massive explosion then revealed a hitherto unsuspected natural wealth, and the Damlatas Cave first saw the human eye. A number of different researches and tests were subsequently carried out in the cave, which confirmed the healing effects of its climate, especially on the upper respiratory tract and severely associated with asthma. Damlatas Cave is one of several rock cavities located around Alanya on the south coast of Turkey. So it is far from the only one, but it is the most famous. The precipitation activity of the local climate in the winter months, which for 10 to 15 thousand years, as scientists estimate, affects rock materials and changes its structure, played a large part in its formation. Rain of a specific chemical composition only makes it possible to cause the limestone of which the local mountain range is composed, thus helping to crack and open rocks. The penetration of water, its dripping into the interior of the rock and later freezing then results in the formation of cave decoration in the form of stalagmites and stalactites, which grow from the ceiling and floor of the cave and merge into columns. And thanks to the drops of water, which are so important for the formation of such beautiful caves, this place has earned its name. Damlatas means “dripping stone” in translation. You may see these drops here for several months of the year, especially in the colder seasons, in the summer less or completely. We take the temperature at a constant 22 to 23 degrees Celsius throughout the year, so it is ideal for a visit in any season.

3. Red Tower 

The red tower in the port of Alanya, while observing teams deployed to the port in the past, served as a shield against any attack from the sea and was also erected during the reign of Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat. beams to each floor. The red tower got its name due to its color, which seems to have been discovered after completion, and thanks to which the egg yolk can be used.

4. Dim Cave

Although the Dim Cave is about 12 kilometers away from the city itself, it cannot be visited, but because it is the second largest in all of Turkey. However, this is not its only advantage. It is easily overshadowed by a real different one – it is a rocky labyrinth, which excels in incredible beauty. The walls and ceilings are covered with hundreds of hanging drops. One part of the cave resembles the famous Turkish natural attraction Pamukkale. Another of the cave sections is reminiscent of Niagara Falls or a strange lake that never dries up. Dim Cave, estimated to be one million years old, was opened in 1999. However, it was discovered in the mid-1980s. It is said to have served people since ancient times.

5. Phosphorus cave 

The cave, which reflects the light of the phosphor color coming from all sides, which also serves their name from this miracle offered by nature, and is a witness to the magnificent reflections day and night. If you visit Alanya, you must not miss a visit to the Phosphorus Cave, which can only be reached by sea!

6. Kemal Ataturk Museum

This house believes that the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is staying in it during his visits to Alanya. The owner of this house donated it to the Ministry of Culture and since 1987 it has also been used as a museum by Kemal Atatürk.

7. River Dim

The Dim River is a frequent tourist destination in the summer months, but it is cold because of the mountain water flowing from the Taurus Mountains. The area around the rivers is distinguished by its natural beauty and is one of the most beautiful destinations in Alanya.

8. Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach is 4 kilometers long and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Alanya. It was named after the last queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, who lived in 69 BC. Nl and 30 pr. Nl. It attracts the attention of tourists mainly with its golden sand sloping into the transparent azure sea with a gradual shallow entrance. Its reputation has crossed not only the local region but also the borders of the country. Especially at sunset, it attracts all its visitors with a unique view.

9. Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Alanya, which presents works and collections related to ancient history from the Lydian, Urartu, Phrygian periods to the Bronze Age. In the museum you have the opportunity to see historical artifacts excavated over several hundred years.

10. Sapadere Canyon

Other exceptional phenomena in Alanya include the Sapadere Canyon waterfall located at the very end of the canyon. At the point where the waterfall falls, there is a natural pool, ready for your cooling bath.

11. Bazaar ALANYA

Located in the old town, near the port. You can buy whatever you think here on Friday morning. Local farmers will offer you fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products or meat. You will also find a large number of Turkish specialties, souvenirs, clothes, bags, shoes, etc. Here you will get to know the local color.

12. Port of Alanya

It is surrounded by beautiful boats and yachts. The port stands out for its beauty and every visitor breathes a romantic atmosphere. There is a lighthouse at the end of the port. The port of Alanya is characterized by a number of seaside restaurants where you can sit, drink coffee or real Turkish tea or eat well. There are also many bars for nightly entertainment.

13. Seyir Terrace

The observation deck is 650 meters high and is located 4 km from the city center. Here you can fully enjoy the scenic views of the whole of Alanya with the sea backdrop. On the terrace you will find a fountain made of stone tiles or a tea garden. From one place you can see a very wide area starting with the castle, the beaches of Cleopatra and ending with a view of the Alanya peninsula.

We recommend this terrace to every tourist in Alanya!

14. Syedra Ancient City

Syedra Ancient City, one of Alanya’s distinguished ancient cities, is located within the borders of Seki Village, approximately 20 kilometers from Alanya. When you turn inside from the sign you will see at the 20th kilometer of the Alanya-Gazipaşa highway, you can reach Syedra by twisting through the banana gardens and taking a 10-minute journey from the asphalt road and then the dirt road.

The city of Syedra, which has a magnificent view in an elevated position, welcomes you with its neglected state. However, the city, which has a history of 2700 years, was surrounded by walls and was one of the rich Cilician cities with many structures.

The city, which was called “Syedron” in the past, appears with this name in the coins minted during the reign of Tiberius, one of the Roman emperors. The ancient city of Syedra, which has the characteristics of both a mountain and a coastal city due to its strategic location, draws attention with its monumental gate, columned street, bath, church, basilica, theatre, monumental tomb, cistern.

You can visit the ancient city of Syedra, which is free of charge, and take a journey into history accompanied by the magnificent Mediterranean view.

15. Alara Castle and Alara Han

Alara Castle is the structure located on the rocky hill, which was conquered by the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat I, who conquered Alanya, and later on, which is thought to have been built as a mansion – palace.

After the conquest of the castle, Alara Han was built in 1231, on the Alanya-Konya road, just below the castle, next to the Alara Stream. It is one of the beautiful examples of Seljuk inn-caravanserais.

16. Hole Sea – King’s Village

What you don’t know about Delik Deniz Kral Bay, which is a real natural wonder? Delik Deniz (Kral Village), one of the most mysterious routes of Gazipaşa, and Antiochia Ad Cragum Ancient City…

Delik Deniz Kral Bay, which is approximately 65 kilometers from Alanya center and 25 kilometers from Gazipaşa, fascinates with its magnificent sea and nature. If you come from the direction of Anamur, it is almost 65 kilometers from Anamur. You can visit with our VIP City Tour .

17.Natural Pools in Gazipasa

In the far east of Antalya, there is a place in the shadow of Alanya: Gazipaşa. Gazipaşa, which is also known as a tropical fruit warehouse, is actually the district that hosts the airport, which is the most important way to reach Alanya.

There is sea, sand and sun in Gazipaşa, but there are also Natural Pools that are nowhere to be found. Natural swimming pools consisting of rocks in the sea, east of Koru Beach, east of Gazipaşa. It’s a natural wonder. This is the choice of those who do not like crowds, those who want to have a pool but have sea water. Natural Pools are 6 km from Gazipaşa and 50 km from Alanya. is at a distance.

While swimming with the fishes in these formations, which the people call “Yalıtaşı”, you can spend time at the Koru Beach right next to it or at the restaurant right next to it. Let’s also say that there are many places to visit in Gazipaşa… You can visit with our VIP City Tour .

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