Green Canyon

In addition to the famous sea, beaches and sun, the Side-Manavgat area is also home to many beautiful natural wonders. Green Canyon may be the most beautiful natural attraction in the Side area. The Oymapınar Dam Lake with its emerald waters, lush forests and chirping birds in the trees makes you feel like you are in a dream world. Join a beautiful boat trip with Tours Turkey, a chance to swim in the turquoise waters of the lake, a delicious lunch and unlimited soft drinks throughout the day. Unsurprisingly, the Green Canyon boat trip is very popular among holidaymakers in the Side area.

Lake Oymapınar Dam
A dam built on the Manavgat River in 1984. It is a 185 m high dam. It is an artificial freshwater dam with a capacity of 300 million cubic metres. The Oymapınar Dam, built on this river, is the fifth largest dam in Turkey and meets the electricity and water needs of the region. This dam has created a lake called Green Canyon. This lake is the only dammed lake suitable for boat trips in Turkey. Around the lake there are high cliffs, springs, forests containing different kinds of trees and many natural beauties.

The natural wealth of the Green Canyon
With its calm emerald lake, vegetation with many shades of green and diverse wildlife, Green Canyon is like a painting by a talented artist. The area is home to many plant and animal species. Most notably, it is the habitat of the endangered Barred Owl. During this trip you may find the opportunity to see and photograph this species. On the lake or in the wooded hills you will see many animals such as geese, ducks, gulls, goats, wild pigs and birds.

We recommend a visit to Green Canyon to anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing and wonderful stay in romantic nature. Highly recommended for families with children.