Our company Health Tourism in Turkey offers quality, comfortable and guaranteed services to patients in Turkish hospitals within the framework of medical tourism. It is a certified company as a Group A Travel Agency and provides Treatment, Diagnosis and Rehabilitation organization – health consultancy services in the best hospitals, clinics and medical centers of Turkey. Health Tourism in Turkey, which provides Health Consultancy and health tourism services with Doctors and Radiologists, who are experts in human health, provides services with the most advanced state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics in Turkey with the philosophy of quality that will always keep the ethical rules and patient satisfaction at the highest level.
It continues on its way and serving people, especially by combining it with the philosophy of providing the most accurate service, the best and the right price, and providing the most accurate and necessary treatment as a service, especially for its patients who seek health outside their country for treatment. As Health Tourism in Turkey, we understand the importance of quality health care and comfort for patients seeking medical treatment abroad.

Doğal Hayat Polikliniği

Dr. Hüseyin Çiçek

Özel İncir Dent Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Poliklinği

Reviews From Our Guest

A great hotel was chosen for us for our stay. The hotel welcomed us with modern and clean rooms, friendly staff and a safe atmosphere. During our treatment process required for medical tourism, the hotel staff was always there for us and catered to our every need.

Amber K.

Last month, my wife and I chose Turkey for medical tourism and had an unforgettable experience thanks to Holiday in Turkey. Now I would like to share this pleasant experience with you. Thank You So Much !! ( Huseyin & Lenka )

Sam M.

Holiday in Turkey managed our medical tourism experience perfectly. Our hotel stay was great and we were reassured to work with doctors who are experts in healthcare. Discovering the beauties of Turkey was an extra pleasure and I will definitely choose them again!

Daisy N.

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